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Storage Solutions –
Storage rooms – exactly where they are needed!

ROCK Storage Solutions offers you sight-safe storage compartments which can be used by either Companies or Private persons for a fixed monthly lease price.

The Storage areas provide easy stock tenders and can be adjusted in their sizes flexible based upon your requests. With our storage rooms, hard to reach, dark and moist basements belong to the past! Thus, you have the option to store household, seasonable furniture, tools/equipment and advertising items for a very attractive price.

Our inexpensive Storage rooms can be rented flexibly. Whether short-term storage requirements or extended us – Private person or companies are offered the maximum flexibility in terms of lease lenghts.

There is no typical structure of tenants, our Storage rooms can be rented by either students, entrepreneurs and corporations.

Overview of our services

  • Billing for a fixed monthly price
  • All charges are included in the rent
  • Flexible lease terms already from 1 month
  • Contact person on-site
  • Access to your storage rooms anytime (7 days/week, 24 hours/day)
  • Convenient location with good access to main train connections and the air traffic
  • Multiple car parking spaces
  • For private and commercial use
  • Download flyer „Storage Solutions“

A short overview of your new Storage rooms

  • Storage areas from 5 m² to multiple 100 square meters
  • Sight-safe and clean
  • Easy stock tender– single storey, goods lift or ramp
  • Possible to extend the storage area
  • Ideal for storage of Tools, Machinery, Furniture, Seasonable items, Advertising items, Merchandise and many more!

If there is no more space at home

Our Storage areas are ideal for Private persons who want to get rid of beloved objects of their homes, their basements or attics but would like these tob e known in good hands or even want to store packing boxes.

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